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We are the Webcookie and we will take care of lawyer/law firm advertising for you.

Our team specializes in internet advertising, digital marketing and social media management.

Since 2013 we have been helping businesses and lawyers to increase their clientele and consequently their turnover.

We set up a detailed strategy of moves that naturally fit within the framework of the law.

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Lawyer Marketing | What we do?

Website Construction

The construction of a website is necessary for a law firm as it will present the services of the office and all the necessary information that a client needs to know.

social media

We create and manage professional websites on the most popular social media for your law firm, posting content useful for the page's followers.


We promote your articles on legal issues to partner websites. This is how we ensure a wide visibility.

Google / Local SEO

The presence of a lawyer/law firm in Google and in local results (e.g. lawyer Patras) is the Alpha and Omega for finding clients in 2024.

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