Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is considered a key component of a company’s success in the modern business environment. If properly designed and implemented, it results in success both for the organisation that has undertaken to serve a social objective and for society itself, as it ensures its sustainable and inclusive development.

Furthermore, Corporate Social Responsibility reflects the demands and expectations of modern customers, existing and potential, from a company that behaves as a responsible and active citizen of a society, just as they are themselves.

As a result, businesses can build a relationship of trust with employees, consumers, citizens and all stakeholders that will stand the test of time and can act as a driver for new opportunities.

Our company has as one of its core values the concern for the needs of society and vulnerable social groups. Our Corporate Social Responsibility stems from a culture of contributing and engaging in collective causes that promote the social well-being that serves and is at the core of the business and its people.

Webcookie is on the side of institutions, foundations and civil society organizations that implement actions in the Greek territory, offering its services, because it understands corporate social responsibility not only as a communication resource but as an identity element that leaves a strong imprint on all fronts.

Our goals are to encourage and support actions for the environment, health, society, with immediate reflexes and commitment to human values, the environment and Greece, practicing entrepreneurship in a healthy way, saying thank you to the local communities, the State and the society where we operate.

We will provide our services to Non-Governmental Organizations that aim to improve the quality of life of vulnerable social groups with a proper reading of the problem to which each corporate social responsibility action responds and a thorough analysis of the needs of the beneficiaries – individuals, societies or public groups.

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Our mission is responsible communication, based on an agenda that informs and educates the public, raising awareness and enhancing knowledge – a balance between a product promotion strategy and the effective support of a humanitarian cause by providing support to organizations that voluntarily perform important work in society, such as

“SOS Children’s Villages of Greece”, “ELEPAP”, “Make a Wish” Greece, “Association of Friends of Children with Cancer – ELPIDA”, “Elisa”, a company against child abuse, “Smile of the Child”, “Doctors of the World”, “Doctors without Borders”, “Mobile Medical Units”, “Horizon”, “Storgi”, “Sunshine”, “Hellenic Rescue Team”, Parents’ Associations of Children with Autism.

Charity and the expression of social solidarity through sponsorships and donations from our company seek to help address social needs or special emergencies. We focus on Education, Health, Quality of Life, Social Cohesion, Health, Quality of Life

.Through social responsibility, we promote responsibility, social conscience, sensitivity, conscience and business ethics of the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility // Webcookie

Η Webcookie will offer products/services for a social purpose and to raise public awareness around it. In addition, it can take the initiative on its own, be the main sponsor of an existing initiative of an organisation or be one of the sponsors.

With its services Webcookie supports the efforts to improve and eliminate social problems such as low living standards, drugs, crime, lack of education, fight against unemployment, care and support to vulnerable groups, environmental protection, recycling programs

– Protection from air pollution

– Health and safety environment in companies

– Provision of training to executives

– Culture and entertainment for workers

– Social entrepreneurship as well as development in the interest of society and not just company profits

– Responsible administration

– Help to every health sector

Blood donation

-Awareness of life-threatening habits, such as smoking, for example

– Traffic education

Support for drug rehabilitation groups , a campaign for not drinking and driving , responsibility for culture and art, equal opportunities , support for sport, support for sporting ideals, action against racism and hooliganism.

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