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We are the Webcookie and from today we will be the e-shop consultants for your online store.

Our company specializes in e-shop development, internet advertising and social media management.

We have the know-how and 11 years of experience to guide you to success!

What distinguishes us?

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The state your eshop is in is very important and having a clear picture of it is even more important. So you need the E-shop Advisor.

What are E-shop Consultants?

E-shop Consultants is an innovative service, which proves to be extremely useful especially for businesses that operate in the form of e-stores and do not have the necessary technocrats or simply do not have the necessary expertise in e-commerce.

E-Shop Advisor is a service addressed to businesses that are active or want to become active in e-commerce. With its dynamics, the E-Consultant service helps the entrepreneur to have at any time a clear and clear picture regarding the return on investment in e-shop while highlighting the opportunities that arise in e-commerce.

Our e-shop consultants with their many years of experience can not only study and identify any malfunction of your e-shop, but also suggest ways to develop and increase online sales.

So if your eshop has no sales or not the expected ones, the eshop consultants will conduct an exhaustive audit of your online store.

The contribution of our expert consultants lies in identifying the errors in your e-shop and correcting them in the best possible way so that your e-shop can gain an advantage over your competitors.
Can anyone say no to that?

Start an immediate check in your eshop!

Your e-shop, apart from interesting content, should be based on technologies and practices that make it easy to navigate and interesting for your customers!

Therefore, systematic monitoring of your eshop is required, which ensures the smooth operation of your online business.

In the context of such an eshop audit our consultants undertake:

Technical Evaluation: Audit of the eshop to identify possible technical errors that prevent your search engine ranking (seo audit).

Content control: Evaluation of the content based on a good experience for the visitor, according to Google’s requirements (user experience audit).

Competition analysis: Comparison of your eshop with your competitors’ online stores in terms of website and search engine performance (ranking in organic results).

Based on the above, the e-shop consultants will prepare a report for your online store, which will include optimization suggestions:

Recording suggestions for improving your eshop

Information on the ways and emerging opportunities to grow your business in e-commerce

Because a clear picture of your eshop is extremely important, E-shop Consultants are here to provide you with a comprehensive study and inventory of the current state of your online store, but also to suggest opportunities for growth and boosting your sales.

Lowest Price & Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in both the result we provide and the value for money we provide a lowest price and satisfaction guarantee.If you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money 100% without any further claim.

E-shop consultants are a critical part of an online store’s success. With increasing competition in cyberspace, businesses need special knowledge and experience to stand out. The e-shop consultants provide expert advice on topics such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media management and advertising through Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

They also provide advice on the design and development of the online store, data analysis and the development of strategies to increase sales and strengthen the company’s online presence.

Our e-shop consultants tailor their advice to the needs and strategic elements of each business, offering personalized solutions that lead to growth and success. With their help, e-shops can improve their visibility, increase sales and consolidate their market position.

The e-shop consultants undertake

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