Create an Airbnb Listing


Create an Airbnb Listing

We take care of listing your accommodation on the Airbnb platform

Create an Airbnb Listing | What does it include?

  • Professional description of an Airbnb listing
  • Regulation and pricing and availability strategies
  • Setting policies and rules
  • Setting up information for Guests
  • Setting up automated messages

Creating an Airbnb listing is a step towards promoting your property and increasing bookings. First, you need to create an account on the platform and select the “Become a host” option. You will then be asked to fill in all the necessary information about the property, such as location, amenities, house rules and prices.

It is important to provide detailed and accurate information about your property, as well as attractive photographs that will show it off. In addition, you can add descriptions and create a unique profile to attract travellers.

After creating an Airbnb listing, your property will be visible to millions of Airbnb travellers and they will be able to make reservations directly through the platform. With proper management and offering a great guest experience, you can achieve high occupancy rates and positive reviews, thus improving the competitiveness and success of your property.

With Airbnb, you have the ability to customize your preferences and policies for guests, including pricing, rules and availability. You can also answer questions and manage reservations directly from the app or the Airbnb website.

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