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The word “logo” comes from the combination of two Greek words: “logos” meaning “word” and “type” meaning “kind”. Thus, the logo is the graphic representation or symbol of a company, product or organisation that captures their identity and identifies them.

Logos are used in various media and platforms, such as professional publications, websites, products, packaging, advertisements and social media. Their purpose is to create recognition and desire for the product or service they represent.

The logo may consist of fonts, graphics, symbols or a combination of these elements. Often, the design of a logo is undertaken by specialist graphic designers who take into account the corporate identity, purpose and aesthetics of the business.

A good logo should be unique, distinctive and easily recognisable. It must convey a specific message and represent the values and philosophy of the company. Also, it must be easily applicable in various media and sizes, without losing its aesthetics.

Logos can be abstract or symbolic, as well as photorealistic or cartoonish, depending on the character and the objective of the business. In any case, the logo should evoke emotions and encourage continued public interaction with the business.

Finally, it is one of the most important elements of business identity and is a key part of a company’s communication with its audience.

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