Promotional Video – 30 seconds


Promotional Video up to 30 seconds for your business

  • Voiceover
  • Video script
  • Stock content
  • Music in the background
  • Animated graphics
  • Unlimited changes

What do we need to get started?

  • Your website
  • Your logo
  • Your material/images (if any)
  • Text/Script (otherwise we create it for you)

What will you receive?

  • A fully customized promotional video
  • Premium Plans
  • Music licence (free of charge)
  • Custom text overlay (Motion Graphic)
  • Voice over (Female or Male)

A promotional video is a powerful tool to promote products, services or ideas in an impressive way. When creating a promotional video, the first priority is to capture the audience’s interest from the very first moment. A dynamic opening with striking images and music can immediately grab the attention of the audience.

Next, the video must clearly present the product, service or idea it promotes. The use of text, voice support text and graphics can help to achieve this goal. Also, the use of legible fonts and clear images is important to make the message easier to understand.

An important element of a promotional video is to create an emotional connection with the viewers. If it can evoke emotions such as joy, emotion or excitement, then its impact will be stronger.

Finally, the promotional video should end with a call to action that encourages viewers to respond. This may be visiting a website, subscribing to a newsletter or buying a product. With a well-planned advertising campaign, a promotional video can be a powerful tool to promote an idea or product.

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