WordPress Website Care / month

£33.54 / month

WordPress Website Care exclusively for you and your website or e-shop.

Add content (Text, Images, Videos, Price Lists, Products)

Changing the resolution of the photos to adapt to the requirements of the web and improve the speed of their loading.

Installation and customization of additional applications (WordPress Plugins)

Conversion of the website into an online store (E-shop) or setting up an online store (Usually, these tasks require additional technical support time)

Core Updates of WordPress

Installing a new theme

Create or change the menu and submenus

Create, edit, change and add small applications

Installing a slider

Installation of a contact form, change and customization of the

Adding Google Recaptcha V3

Adding the Google Analytics code

Cleaning the database

Backup of WordPress

Transferring the website to a new server

Changing the look and improving the user experience (UX)

WordPress website care is vital to maintaining its performance and security. Every day, the website interacts with environments such as users, visitors and servers, and needs constant monitoring and care.

WordPress website care includes updating the WordPress core and plugins, managing theme upgrades and extensions, and monitoring backups.

Also, analyzing traffic statistics and optimizing loading speed is important to improve the user experience. In addition, detecting and addressing potential security issues is essential to protect the website from malicious attacks and breaches.

Finally, ongoing support and problem solving by experienced experts is essential to maintain the functionality and effectiveness of the website.

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