QR Code creation

QR codes are a form of machine code used to store information and transfer it between different media. The term “QR” comes from the term “Quick Response”, as QR codes are designed to be quickly read by code readers such as mobile phones or tablets.

QR codes consist of black square dots placed on a white square background. The information contained in a QR code can be text, URLs, links to websites, contact information, business e-cards, or anything else that may be useful to the reader.

QR codes are used in various sectors, such as advertising, product packaging, identification, contact information storage, mobile payment and others. Mobile phones usually have applications that can read and interpret QR codes, providing direct access to the information they contain.

Δημιουργία QR Code

How to use QR Code from a smartphone?

Using a QR code from a smartphone is quite easy and only requires a QR code scanning app. Follow these steps to scan a QR code with your smartphone:

  1. Download a QR code scanning app: install a QR code scanning app from your smartphone’s app store. Popular options include Google’s QR Code Scanner for Android devices and the built-in Camera/Photographic Engine feature of iOS devices.

  2. Open the QR code scanning app: launch the app you downloaded to start scanning.

  3. Aim your smartphone camera at the QR code: point your smartphone camera at the QR code you want to scan, so that it is in the centre of the frame that appears on the screen.

  4. Wait until the QR code is recognised: the app will automatically recognise the QR code and display the information it contains.

  5. Perform the actions you want: Depending on the content of the QR code, you can open a web page, watch a video, get contact information, and more. The QR code scanning app will automatically direct you to the right action.

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