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We have over 10 years of experience in social media management and we are able to guide your business to the best results.

We have helped over 500 businesses on social media, currently maintaining over 150 solid monthly partnerships.

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Which social media do we take over?

Facebook Management

Facebook Company Page Management, Facebook Group Management, Facebook Personal Profile Management

Instagram management

The Webcookie team manages your business account on the Instagram platform, creating content of all formats (posts, reels, stories)

TikTok Management

The new trend in social media is here and your business can't miss or miss the opportunity for visibility to a highly dynamic audience!

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What is social media management?

We specialize in social media management having managed over 500 accounts since 2013 until today.

But what does social media management by professionals mean?

By Social Media Management we mean the service of producing content for your business, such as photos, videos, texts and links to your website.

In addition, the constant monitoring of your social media accounts, the increase of your reach and followers and a complete strategy and action plan (e.g. giveaway) that will be followed throughout the duration of our cooperation.

Social media management is designed to strengthen your business’ brand awareness, increase interaction with your audience, increase interaction with existing followers and make your business known to a wider audience.

Types of posts in Social Media Management


Image post

Publication using an image or graphic that presents your business, products or services, of course with the necessary text to accompany it.


Blog Post / Article

Attract the interest of your followers with a quality and well-written article from your website. What? You don't have one? See here


Video Post

It is a fact that nowadays the content that social media users like to consume and watch is mainly video. We present your business through video posts.


Testimonials / Customer Reviews

By presenting customer experiences or reviews, we strengthen the brand's relationship with our audience and increase the chances that a new user will trust us.


Carousel Post

Carousel Posts are essentially a series of images or graphics. It aims to spark interest and bring more engagement to your corporate social media.


Reels & TikTok Video

This type of post is the most widespread in 2024 as it is the #1 social media trend. Short videos that in a short time capture the user's interest and present your business or products.


Events / Events

Are you holding an event, a corporate event or a concert? Social media allows you to share it, invite your audience and communicate any information.


Live Video

The live streaming feature helps to keep our audience "warm" and engaged as they will have the opportunity to interact live with our business. Of course, in this way we also present our human side!


Podcast & Audio

A special but very effective way of promoting your business and your services in social media, is podcasts or audio productions. These can be specific to your business category and your products.

Social Media Management Prices

Social Media Management by Professionals

11 years experience

The Webcookie team has over 11 years of experience in social media management and digital marketing having managed over 500 accounts in those years. This means we are able to fully understand your needs and design a unique strategy.

Fresh ideas

Our specialized social media managers monitor new trends on the internet and social media on a daily basis, generating new ideas for you and your business. Ideas that respond to the modern internet environment.

Wide range

In our 11 years of experience, we have worked with many types of businesses. This means that our social media management team has the experience and has already successfully undertaken a similar project to yours.

Always next to you

One of our associates is next to you every day presenting our detailed plan and discussing the needs of your business in order to achieve the optimal result, which is none other than increasing your sales and brand awareness.

Process in Social Media Management

Study & Analysis
In our first contact we record your needs and then we study and analyse the competition and the steps you have already taken so far.
The Webcookie team takes care of creating a clear and targeted strategy, content production and development of your business in Social Media.
In this step, our team takes over the production of your monthly content according to your chosen package. Professional photography, graphic design and copywriting.
We present the content calendar for next month. We discuss and review it together and it is only published if there is your approval. Throughout the duration of our cooperation you can of course make changes and corrections.
Our team constantly monitors the performance of your social media content and page, suggesting the necessary improvements and devising the next month's strategy for optimal results.

Are you interested in advertising on Social Media?

See the solutions we recommend for Social Media advertising

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook advertising is a powerful way to reach your audience. With the possibility of targeting and different forms of advertising, you can attract customers and increase your sales. You can create ads with engaging content and images and use the Facebook Pixel to track the performance of your ads and improve your strategy.

Advertising on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram offers a platform with millions of active users and great influence. You can create ads with compelling images and videos, use storytelling to connect with your audience and showcase your products or services in a compelling way. You can also use the Stories feature to showcase personal moments or create carousel-style content for more interaction.

Advertising in

Advertising on TikTok provides a dynamic platform for the promotion of products or services. By creating original content, you can engage your audience and build strong connections with users. Use the power of TikTok to create original video content, collaborate with popular content creators and use trending hashtags for greater visibility. With the right target and orientation, your TikTok advertising can reach millions of users and create a strong presence for your business.

Advertising on Youtube

YouTube advertising offers a wide range of opportunities to promote products and services. With the ability to target based on different criteria, you can reach exactly the audience you are interested in. Use imaginative videos, promote your products or services with product displays or try ads before, after or during the videos. Use YouTube Analytics to track the performance of your ads and adjust your strategy for optimal results.

Frequently asked questions about Social Media Management

Which Social Media does the Social Media Management service cover?

The Webcookie team specializes in social media management on the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Youtube

If you are interested in managing your business on another platform, you can be sure that we can help.

We monitor social media trends on a daily basis and are able to implement successful strategies in every social network.

How much does social media management cost?

As you will have already seen in our packages our prices for social media management start from 79€.

We try daily to keep our prices affordable and honest without in any way reducing the quality of the services provided.

We believe that every business deserves its own special place in the magical world of social media and we are determined to help as many as we can to achieve their goals.

You can choose the package that you think suits you and we will contact you directly to start our cooperation.

How does our cooperation start?

Are you determined to take the first step in social media management for your business?

Here are the steps that follow:

  1. Our first contact. We schedule an appointment by phone, in person or remotely via video call, in which we will discuss your business needs and goals through social media management.
  2. Choosing the right package for your business. You make the purchase by prepaying the first month of our cooperation, without any commitment for the next one.
  3. You fill in a short and comprehensive online questionnaire which will help Webcookie 's team of social media managers to understand your audience and philosophy.
  4. You provide us with access to the social media you have that need to be managed. In this step we provide detailed video instructions on how to do it.
  5. We design your detailed content strategy and increase followers and sales
  6. Our team of social media managers proceeds in the production of original content that will be used in the posts that will be posted on your professional social media.
  7. All posts and designs are approved by you through a specialized online tool.
  8. Posts are scheduled for publication on the appropriate days and times.

How will I track the performance of publications and what metrics will I receive?

To monitor the performance of your social media posts, we use various tools and metrics. One of the most popular is Facebook Insights for Facebook and Instagram Insights for Instagram. These tools provide statistics such as number of followers, interactions (likes, comments, shares), new followers and much more.

We also use tools such as Google Analytics to track the impact of your posts on your website traffic. Other metrics include engagement rate, audience engagement and subscriber metrics. The important thing is to understand these metrics and together we can adjust your strategy accordingly.

How is my audience analysis done and how will it help improve my strategy?

Social media management without audience analysis is simply not possible!

Analyzing your social media audience is a critical and ongoing process that allows you to understand and interact effectively with your audience. In order to do this, several elements must first be assessed, including the number of followers, their age, gender, location and interests.

Initially, we use tools such as Facebook Insights or Google Analytics to track the data. We assess trends in audience interaction with your posts, the most popular topics and which type of content is generating the biggest reactions.

Then, we analyse the data to understand the preferences and needs of your audience. This can include understanding what types of content are most engaging for your audience, the times when most of your audience members are most active, and the topics that matter most to them.

Finally, we optimize your strategy based on audience analysis.

We tailor the content and timing of your posts to better match audience preferences. We leverage every element to create content that will be more effective in enhancing your audience's overall presence and response on social media.

How to deal with negative comments or criticism on social media?

Dealing with negative comments or criticism on social media requires prudence, vigilance and professionalism. First of all, it is important that comments are treated with respect and courtesy. By responding in a polite way, you can demonstrate your willingness to solve problems. In cases where criticism is fair, you must acknowledge mistakes and show your intention to improve. Moreover, it is important not to ignore the negative feedback, but to try to turn it into an opportunity for improvement and growth. Finally, transparency is key. Show that you are listening to the public's concerns and that you are willing to address issues in an open and honest way.

What is the difference between social media management and simply being present on social networks?

Social media management and simple social media presence are two different approaches to how a business or entity manages its social media presence.

Simple social media presence usually involves creating profiles on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., without a coherent strategy behind it. Simple presence may involve regular posting of content without ongoing oversight or analysis of the results.

On the other hand, social media management involves a more cohesive, planned and targeted approach. When managing social media, there is an integrated strategy that includes planning, creating, publishing and analysing content, as well as managing interactions with the audience. The goal of social media management is to create a positive and communicative presence on social networks, which will help increase the reputation, engagement and awareness of the business or brand.

An integrated social media management service typically includes guidance on strategy creation, content planning, publishing and scheduling posts, managing audience interaction, as well as analysing results and adapting the strategy according to needs and results.

In summary, social media management is a more advanced and specialized approach to social media presence that aims to create and maintain a successful and effective online presence.

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