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The #1 trend in Social Media is Instagram Reels!

Instagram Reels | The #1 social media trend for 2024!

But what exactly are Instagram Reels and short form video content?

We are the Webcookie and today we’re going to talk about the new trend of Instagram Reels and the positive effects it has on the content of a business on social media and especially on Instagram!

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What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is an Instagram feature that allows users to create and share short videos of up to 60 seconds. These videos can contain music, effects, text and other fun elements.

Reels are designed to offer users a quick and creative method to express their artistic side, share funny moments or even promote their business. Users can add music from Instagram’s extensive library or from their own files, use special effects and add text to create stunning videos.

Reels appear in the “Discover” section of Instagram, allowing users to explore and discover new content from creators they follow or follow trends and challenges.

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How can Instagram Reels help my business?

Instagram Reels can help your business in many ways:

Increase of Visibility

Reels appear in the “Discover” section of Instagram, allowing you to reach new followers and potential customers.

Creating Interest

By creating original and fun Reels, you can capture the interest of the public and promote your business.

Community development

By understanding the needs and interests of your audience, you can create Reels that will encourage interaction and engagement with your followers.

Promotion of Products or Services

You can use Reels to introduce new products or services, offer discounts or show how to use your products.

Strengthening Brand Understanding

By creating exciting and interesting Reels, you can enhance the character and style of your brand, making it more recognisable to your audience.

With the creative use of Instagram Reels, you can increase the visibility of your business, strengthen your relationship with customers and increase your sales.

Instagram Stories vs Instagram Reels – Which is more efficient?

Whether Instagram Stories or Instagram Reels are more effective depends on your goals and how you want to communicate with your audience. Both have their advantages:

  1. Instagram Stories:
    • Short and temporary videos that disappear after 24 hours.
    • They allow users to share their daily lives, personal moments and information with their audience.
    • They provide flexibility to create content using filters, effects and interactive elements.
    • Suitable for keeping your audience up to date with the latest news and offers.
  2. Instagram Reels:
    • Short videos of up to 60 seconds that can remain permanently on your profile.
    • They focus on creative expression and entertainment using music, effects and challenges.
    • They appear in the “Discover” section of Instagram, offering greater exposure.
    • Suitable to attract new followers and create content that will go viral.

Both can be cost-effective, depending on how they are used. Often, businesses choose to use both to meet different needs and keep their audience interested and engaged.

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