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Start your own website today with the unique website builder offer from the experienced team at Webcookie!

Trust a young team with fresh ideas and 10 years of experience in web development and win the game!

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We proceed immediately to the construction of your website and it is ready for delivery in 10 working days!

A complete website with all the necessary functions to dominate the internet market

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Frequently Asked Questions about Web Design and Development

How much does it cost to build websites?

Webcookie, realizing the difficulties of the times, keeps the prices for web development affordable.

Clearly, several factors play a role in the final costing of a website, which we will analyze below:

  • The type of website (corporate website, online store, etc.)
  • The number of pages to be created
  • Whether or not there is a domain name(domain registration)
  • The size of the website (for example, if you have 5000 products you will need to upgrade your hosting package
  • If you choose any of the extra web promotion services we recommend

Indicatively, we would like to mention our initial prices in web development:

  • Construction of onepage website - 200€
  • Corporate website construction - from 300€
  • Ecommerce development - from 400€
  • News site construction - from 800€

Prices do not include VAT 24%

How long does it take to build a website?

At Webcookie we do not undertake any project without being sure that we can deliver it promptly and correctly.

The usual delivery time of a completed website or online store is about 5 to 10 working days.

Of course, the indicated time may change depending on requirements (e.g. adding pages) or adding further functionality on your part.

Webcookie is one of the most direct and economical web design companies in Greece and this is something for which we stand out.

The time it takes for your website to appear in Google's rankings varies and can take up to 10 days depending on the search engine's algorithm updates.

What do I need to start building my website?

The Webcookie team starts building your website as soon as the appropriate content is gathered or produced.

In terms of what is needed to launch your website, the following are:

  • Domain name (domain registration)
  • Hosting package (free for the first year)
  • Your logo(if it doesn't exist we design it)
  • Texts for your website (if they do not exist, we create them)
  • Pages of the website (e.g. Services, Blog, Contact)
  • In the case of an online store, the categories and indicatively some products
  • Any material you want to post on your website (photos, audio, graphics)

Our team remains at your side in an advisory capacity for the selection of the optimal material and content for the excellent operation of your new website.

Of course, Webcookie can take over the creation of all the content from the beginning as the team consists of professional copywriters and photographers.

From writing all the texts for your website to the professional photography of your products.

As we mention we are a 360° digital agency specializing in digital marketing, web development and e-shop development.

Will I choose from a ready-made theme?

Webcookie does NOT use ready-made themes to build a website or an online store.

We design from scratch your own website making you stand out in the world of the internet.

During our first meeting we will answer as many questions as we need to understand the philosophy and design you like.

We will probably ask you to suggest some websites you like (not to copy them) but to help us provide you with the best results.

Finally, we guarantee that your website or online store will not be the same as any other!

In addition, our team is already planning to build a theme for sale in Envato market and other online marketplaces in order to help other agencies and freelancers in quality web development.

What do I do after the website is built? Do I renew it?

Upon delivery of your new website project, 2 hours of remote training is provided on how and tactics you can use to manage it yourself.

We recommend the frequent updating of your website with texts, images and articles.

Of course, Webcookie is able to manage and update your website in an optimal way so that this is reflected in a direct result in the search engines (Google).

The mistake we often encounter is someone creating a website and then completely losing touch with it. Consider that most people don't even know the details of their website and don't even visit it every day.

A professional website is essentially a new shop, which needs care, attention, planning and monitoring.

Our team guides you how to set up your online store properly to bring sales to your business.

Do I get any support from you after the website is built?

Webcookie is your unique and ultimate partner on your new website!

Of course we provide you with FREE support on everything you need for the first year. You can then choose one of the packages you will find here

What are the website support actions?

  • New WordPress/Woocommerce version updates
  • Plugin/plugin updates on a weekly basis
  • Daily backups of your website
  • Website security from malicious attacks

The Webcookie support team is available 24/7, monitoring and responding to customer tickets. This way you can make sure that you have a completely reliable partner by your side so you can sleep easy knowing that your website is performing perfectly.

Of course, for any problem, error, change you can contact us via e-mail at with an average response time of 15 minutes.

I already have an old website and I want a new one

All websites need updating and refreshing according to current and recent design standards, search engine standards and other trends.

There is absolutely no problem if your website is old because Webcookie will either upgrade the website or completely rebuild it to meet all the requirements listed.

All we need from you is for you to point us to your old website and we will take all the necessary steps to regain access to it and proceed with either an upgrade or a complete reconstruction of your website.

Make sure we do our best!

On which platform will my website be set up

Webcookie has been a stable and active partner of the global WordPress / Woocommerce community since 2013.

In addition, since 2019 we are Elementor Partners. Elementor Page Builder is the most widely used and easy to use web design tool.

Of course, we don't stop there as we don't work with standard solutions, as we said.

Our knowledge of PHP, Html5, CSS, React & Javascript allows us to be able to create any website, perfectly implementing your idea.

Why do we choose WordPress?

  1. Ease of Use: WordPress offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create, manage and update a website without the need for prior experience in web development.

  2. Availability of Themes and Plugins: There is an extensive range of themes and plugins for WordPress, which allow users to customize their website according to their needs, without the need for programming knowledge.

  3. Community and Support:WordPress has a huge community of users and developers who provide support, as well as lots of information and resources to solve any problem or question you have.

  4. Flexibility: WordPress is extremely flexible and can be used to create any type of website, from simple personal websites to complex business websites or e-commerce stores.

  5. Free and Open Source: WordPress is free and open source software, so there are no licensing costs and users have full access to the code for customizations and improvements.

Will my website be secure?

100% yes! Our team takes care of the security of your website from start to finish. From its initial setup to daily monitoring you can rest easy about your website.

The security of a website is a critical factor that affects the user experience and the authority of the website. When building a website, it is important to consider security measures to protect your website from potential threats.

Some basic security measures include updating software and plug-ins on a regular basis, using strong passwords, implementing the HTTPS protocol for secure data transmission and regularly backing up content.

In addition, monitoring server files and activities, as well as adopting measures to protect against malware and DDoS attacks, are important for maintaining website security. In addition, awareness of recent security threats and taking measures to prevent them is vital.

Overall, website security is an ongoing process that requires attention and constant monitoring to ensure data protection and avoid potential security problems.

Do you provide training after delivery of the website?

Our team is by your side every step of the way. We want you to feel the freedom and gain the knowledge of managing your website.

After the project delivery, we provide 2 hours of remote training with a live connection to learn the necessary skills to manage your website.

In addition we create daily video tutorials that you can refer to.

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