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Website Security: What is it and what are the risks?

Website security in 2024: What exactly is website security and what are the risks for your business website and your customers?

We are the Webcookie and today we will talk to you about website security, why it is important and how it can be ensured.

Our company specializes in web development, e-shop development and technical support of websites.

Website security is a vital factor in protecting the web presenter. As a company specialized in website security optimization, we have the expertise and tools to offer the highest possible protection for your website. Using advanced security techniques and metrics, we tailor your website to effectively deal with potential threats and attacks.

You can trust our experience and professional approach to secure your website and protect your data from unwanted access and malicious actions. Contact us today to discuss more details and start the security optimization process for your website.

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What is website security?

Website security refers to the set of measures and techniques taken to protect the website from potential risks and attacks on the internet. This includes both protecting the data exchanged between the server and visitors, and protecting the website from attacks that could destroy it or use it for illegal purposes.

The main objectives of website security include:

Data Protection: this includes the secure storage, transfer and processing of users’ personal data.

Data Integrity: ensure that the information presented on the website is intact and has not been altered by unauthorized parties.

Availability: Ensure that the website is available to its users without interruptions or problems.

Detection and Response to Attacks: Monitor the website for signs of malicious activity and react accordingly.

Website security is critical to ensuring user trust, protecting the business from unwanted attacks and avoiding legal issues arising from data leaks or security breaches.

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Website Security | How can I protect my users’ personal data?

Protecting users’ personal data is critical for any website and requires careful preparation and implementation of effective security practices. Here are some basic ways to protect your users’ personal data:

Data Encryption

Use encryption protocols such as HTTPS to encrypt data transmission between the user’s browser and your server.

Data storage

Store only the necessary personal data and implement strict deletion policies for unnecessary data.

Updated Software: Make sure that all software on your website is up to date with the latest versions and protected against known vulnerabilities.

Safe Development Practices: Implement secure software development practices such as addressing vulnerabilities, data verification, and restricting access.

Staff and User Training: Train your staff on secure practices and users to create strong and unique passwords.

Overall, the protection of personal data requires an ongoing commitment to security and compliance with data protection regulations such as the GDPR.

Website Security | What are the most common types of cyber-attacks I have to deal with on my website?

On your website, you may encounter various types of cyber attacks, some of the most common include:

DDoS Attacks: During these attacks, malicious users overload your server with a tremendous amount of traffic, making your website inaccessible to users.

SQL Injection: in this attack, attackers inject malicious SQL code into your website’s input forms, attempting to retrieve or manipulate database data.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): in this attack, attackers encouraged users to execute malicious code in their browser, allowing them to access their data or manipulate the page.

Malware: Malicious software can be embedded in your website in order to monitor or steal users’ personal data.

Phishing (Phishing)

In phishing attacks, attackers pretend to be legitimate websites or services in order to obtain personal information from your users.

To protect against these risks, it is important to keep up to date with new threats and implement effective security practices, such as updating software, implementing secure development practices and training staff and users.

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