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Η Webcookie provides you with a unique wedding website construction package.

Give your wedding guests all the information!

The big moment of your life – until the next one 😉 – has arrived and you are looking for something to impress your friends, acquaintances and family!

You just found it!

The Webcookie team creates the ultimate wedding website for your most important day!

In addition, the wedding website is a direct, efficient and convenient way to communicate and provide information about marriage.

You can even save the expense of invitations and endless hours of sharing them by building a website for your special day.

Hundreds of modern and contemporary couples are now choosing website design, using it as the ultimate tool for organizing and communicating on the wedding day!

If you are interested in standing out and impressing read below on how you can start your own wedding website immediately.

Ιστοσελίδα Γάμου​

Why create a wedding website?

Creating a wedding website can be a great idea for many reasons:

  1. Disclosure of Information: A wedding website can serve as a central point for sharing information about the date, location, schedule and details of the wedding.

  2. Visitor Information: Friends and families can be notified of any changes to the schedule or wedding details.

  3. Memory Recording: A website can act as an archive for photos, videos and memories from the wedding day.

  4. Interactivity: Can include tools such as RSVP forms, guestbooks and photo albums, offering guests the ability to interact.

  5. Personal Expression: it can reflect the personality and style of the couple in a unique way.

  6. Ease of Planning: it can make it easier for the couple to organise the wedding, as it can include to-do lists, budgeting and planning.

  7. Interface with Social Networks: Can incorporate links to social networks to share the latest updates and photos.

Features of wedding website construction

How much does a wedding website cost?

The cost of a wedding website can vary depending on many factors such as the design, features and the couple’s wishes. The main factors that affect costs include:

  1. Design and Aesthetics: Design and aesthetic choices affect the cost, depending on how customized and complex the website is.

  2. Functionality and Features: If you want additional features such as RSVP forms, guestbooks or social media platforms, this also affects the cost.

  3. Content and Photos: The quantity and quality of content and photos included on the website will affect the cost.

  4. Management and Support: The duration of management and support can also be added to the cost.

At Webcookie, prices for a basic wedding website start at around 200€ and can go up to 700€ for more advanced and customized solutions.

Trust the Webcookie team, the most experienced and young team in the field of web design, e-shop design and digital marketing and make your wedding day even more unique.

For our part, we wish you a prosperous life and good offspring! ♥️

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