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WordPress Website Creation: is it still worth it in 2024?

WordPress Website Creation: is it still worth it in 2024?

In the following article from the experienced team of Webcookie you will learn everything you need to know about creating a WordPress website.

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Create a WordPress Website | What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular web development platform used by millions of websites around the world. It started as a platform for creating and managing blogs, but has evolved into a complete content management system (CMS) that can be used to create any type of website, from personal blogs to professional business websites and even e-commerce stores.

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The basic idea behind WordPress is to facilitate the creation of websites through an easy-to-use environment. Users can create, manage and update their websites without the need for programming knowledge or web design experience. WordPress provides a range of features and plugins that extend its capabilities, making it the ideal tool to create a personalised website that is tailored to your needs.

One of the key features of WordPress is its flexibility. With an extensive collection of themes, you can choose the look that suits you best and customize your website according to your personal style or your business needs.

In addition, WordPress is also popular because of its large and active community. The community provides support, information and add-ons that continually improve the experience of WordPress users.

In summary, WordPress is a powerful tool for creating websites that offers flexibility, ease of use and a wide range of functionality for its users.

Create a WordPress Website | How much does it cost?

Creating a website with WordPress can cost anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand, depending on several factors that affect the total cost. Let’s look at some of these factors:

Site Type: The nature and purpose of the website are critical factors in cost. A simple personal website can be much more economical compared to a professional e-commerce site.

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Adaptations and Extensions: Additional features you want to add to your website, such as custom plugins or specialized themes, may increase the cost.

Design and Appearance: The design of a website is important for the first impression of visitors. A custom design with special functions and graphics can increase costs.

Development Services: Choosing a web development company or a specialist freelancer also affects cost, with professional services usually offering higher but more comprehensive packages.

Maintenance and Support: the cost is not limited to the creation of the website. Costs are usually required for maintenance, updates and support.

Generally, for a simple personal website with a ready-made theme and a few customizations, the cost can be low, while for a complex business website with special functions and customizations, the cost can reach thousands of euros. It is important to discuss your needs with an expert and get quotes in order to have a clear picture of the costs for your project.

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WordPress Website Creation | Is it worth 2024?

Creating a website with WordPress is still an excellent option in 2024 and for many reasons it is worth considering:

Flexibility: WordPress provides great flexibility and adaptability, allowing the creation of websites for various purposes, such as personal websites, corporate websites, blogs, e-commerce stores, etc.

Easy to Use: WordPress is user-friendly and offers an easy setup and usage process, even for novice users.

Free and commercial options: WordPress offers a plethora of free themes and plugins that can meet your needs, and there are also commercial themes and plugins for professional websites.

Community and Support: The large WordPress community provides significant support, with millions of users sharing knowledge, visits and resources.

Continuous Development: WordPress continues to evolve and upgrade, adding new features and improving performance and security.

Overall, WordPress remains a strong choice for website creation in 2024 due to its flexibility, ease of use and extensive support.

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